The Union of European Federalists (UEF) welcomes the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty in the European Parliament. However, Mercedes Bresso, President of the UEF stressed: ”More must be done for European democracy. If European citizens are not informed about the content of the new European Treaty, its democratic progress will be no more than a farce. Representative and participatory democracy can only work when people know about their rights and duties.” Therefore UEF demands from the European institutions and the member states more communication about the new Treaty.
UEF regrets that compared to the Constitutional Treaty, the Lisbon Treaty is less clear and readable and less ambitious in founding a political and democratic Union. ”The shortcomings of the new Treaty are mainly due to the procedure of establishing this new Treaty, which was far from being transparent. It is particularly sad that the member states did not yet allow an official consolidated version of the Treaty to be published” said Mercedes Bresso.
Next step for European democracy is the European Parliament elections. For a higher turnout in 2009 we need a stronger personalisation of European politics. This is the responsibility of the European political parties. ”The European political parties have to nominate their candidates for the Commission President before the European elections in 2009. The UEF has sent a letter to the European political parties and is expecting a reconfirmation of their commitment to take up their role as foreseen in the new Treaty”, concluded Mercedes Bresso.