Last night’s opinion poll on the Lisbon Treaty referendum published in the Irish Times has placed the YES campaign down five points, trailing behind the NO vote which has almost doubled in support, gaining 17 points. The number of undecided voters remains high on 28%.
”This race is wide open” commented Toni Giugliano, European youth for an Irish YES Co-ordinator. ”They are indeed worrying figures, a result of the NO campaign’s propaganda which has undoubtedly had some effect on people’s perception of the Treaty. On the other hand, these results give us the drive to fight back. We have all the winning arguments, it’s a case of reaching out to people and making them aware of the wider benefits of this Treaty reform”.
The poll was carried out at the beginning of the week and will fail to take into account some crucial events that took place in the latter part of the week, such as the decision of the Irish Farmer’s Association to support the Treaty and the Irish Referendum Commission’s unmasking of various NO campaign lies, such as the propaganda on abortion and the legalisation of prostitution.
”Rural Ireland is with us” stated Samuele Pii President JEF Europe. ”We welcome the IFA’s decision to unanimously back the Lisbon Treaty and to promote a YES among its members and their families. The Irish agricultural sector has benefited greatly from the EU since the beginning of Irish EU membership. It is therefore positive that the IFA executive has chosen to continue to embrace the EU through recommending a YES to the Lisbon Treaty”.
European Youth for an Irish Yes will be the largest European wide youth network to campaign in Ireland. The aim is to introduce a European dimension to the Irish campaign, also to remind voters that the outcome of the referendum will not only impact all Irish citizens but citizens of all other EU Member States. The network insists – this is a European wide issue, not purely an Irish one.
”We have a crucial task: to win over the Irish youth. Voter apathy must have no place in this campaign, there is no excuse. The information is out there, and we will play our part in ensuring that young people are informed” concluded the Campaign Co-ordinator, Toni Giugliano.
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