PSE Congress de facto supports Christian Democrat Barroso thus pre-emptying the choice for President of European Commission before the results of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Things didn’t look very promising when already before the PSE (Party of European Socialists) Congress two socialist prime ministers, MM. Zapatero and Socrates, declared that they would support the Christian Democrat Joao Manuel Durao Barroso for another term as President of the European Commission.
But the fact that the PSE Congress in Madrid has decided not to nominate a socialist candidate for President means that the socialists in fact accept the re-nomination of Mr Barroso.
“Considering the proximity of the European Parliament elections, the political parties send a mixed signal to the electorate if they effectively pre-empt the choice of Commission President before a single vote has been cast” said Andrew Duff, President of the Union of European Federalists.
Today federalist activists have called for linking the result of the forthcoming European Parliament elections to the election of the president of the European Commission in an action in the European Socialist Party Congress and in a street action downtown Madrid.
In a colorful action Federalist activists have been asking citizens from the Spanish capital “Who is your candidate for president of the European Commission?”. The same question has been posed inside the venue of the Congress of the European Socialist Party.
“The European Union needs a legitimated figure that embodies the spirit of leadership of the Union and this leadership should come from the president of the European executive.” said Samuele Pii, President of the Young European Federalists.
“The European Political Parties should be major players in European Parliament elections and putting a face to their programs is important to motivate electors to vote” concluded Pii.
[1] UEF/JEF action in Madrid, 1st of December 2008
[2] Union of European Federalists
[3] Young European Federalists

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The Union of European Federalists (UEF) is a non-governmental European organization, campaigning for a federal Europe. It consists of 20 constituent organizations and it has been active at the European, national and local levels for more than 50 years. JEF-Finland (Eurooppanuoret) is a national section of the youth movement of UEF.