UEF Espanja ja JEF Espanja hakevat osallistujia järjestämäänsä kansainväliseen seminaariin Torremolinokseen.

Eurooppanuoret ei erikseen tue osallistujien matkoja seminaariin. Erasmus+ -ohjelman kautta järjestäjien saamasta rahoituksesa korvataan jo valtaosa seminaarin kuluista.

Alla alkuperäinen hakukuulutus ja alustava seminaariohjelma.

Seminaariin voi hakea tästä linkistä.

Mahdollisia lisätietoja voi kysellä järjestäjiltä itseltään (info@jefspain.eu) tai Eurooppanuorten kansainvälisen toiminnan vastaavalta Juho Mäki-Lohiluomalta (juho.maki-lohiluoma@eurooppanuoret.fi).


WoDFEU 2017, 15th – 19th march, Torremolinos, Málaga

WoDFEU – Working on Democracy and Federalism in Europe is a a International Seminar and a project funded for Erasmus + program in the line of Structured Dialogue. It will take place in Torremolinos (Málaga, Spain) in the Costa del Sol.
Beside to leader association, UEF Andalucía, our partners in this seminar are: 1. JEF Spain. 2. JEF Macedonia, 3. JE France, 4. JEF Deutschland, 5. JEF Turkey, 6. JEF Czech Republic, 7. GFE Italy, 8. YEM UK, 9. UEF Finland (10, we count, in addition, with the collaboration of the Town Hall of Torremolinos)

Date: 15/03/2017 – 19/03/2017

Deadline for registration: 15/02/2017

Town: Torremolinos (Málaga)

Venue (to be confirmed): https://www.inturjoven.com/albergues/malaga/albergue-inturjoven-torremolinos

Program: Meetings with political leaders, MEP´s, Journalists and NGO´s activists.

Participants: EU young (18 – 30 y.o) and other european countries

We want to discuss the challenges that, as young europeans together, we have to face in the present context

Modules of the Seminar (round tables and debate in working groups)

1. 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome How to relaunch the European construction?
2. What opportunities does European federalism offer for tomorrow’s EU?
3. Europe 2019: Proposals and role of European political parties. Towards transnational democracy
4. Federal tools for a better Europe: The European citizens’ initiative
5. How to communicate better in Europe? Media and education

(The full schedule of activities is being confirmed)

BASIC FEE: 70€, which includes:
Seminar materials.
Participation in WoDFEU 15-19 March.
Lunch for the 16th, 17th, 18th.
Some snacks (coffee breaks) and dinners.
Participation certificate.

PARTNER’S FEE: 50€, which includes:
Seminar materials.
Participation in WoDFEU Torremolinos 15-19 March.
Lunch for the 16th, 17th, 18th.
Some snacks (coffee breaks) and dinners.
All events of the social program.

In all cases includes:

Participation certificate.

5 nights in hostel in a shared room with another participant of the same sex (unless otherwise asked for).

Up to 75% of the flight costs with a maximum limit fixed by the Erasmus Plus program. You will be informed while applying.

Transportation between the hotel and the venues

Note: this fee only applies for people aged 18-30 coming from EU and partners organisations.

Contact: info@jefspain.eu