JEF Finland (Eurooppanuoret) is a politically and religiously unaffiliated youth organisation that unites youth from all over Finland to discuss, debate and influence European affairs. Our aim is to bring the EU closer to the Finnish youth in a fun and interesting way.

JEF Finland is a member of Young European Federalists Europe (JEF) and a sister organisation of the European Movement Finland (Eurooppalainen Suomi).

All young people under 35 years of age living in Finland can join JEF Finland. We arrange various activities to promote awareness about EU-related issues, take part in the work of JEF-Europe and promote pro-EU campaigns in Finland. Eurooppanuoret is also the publisher of the Finnish EU-magazine ”Tähdistö”.

The main objective for the association’s operation is as follows:

  • To promote the public discussion concerning EU and its development;
  • To deepen EU knowledge and familiarise the Finnish youth with the ideological, political and economical basics of the unification;
  • To motivate the citizens, especially the young voters, to take part in EP Finnish representatives’ election;
  • To promote the knowledge of European culture, and the cultural exchange and interaction between Finland and other EU countries for example in celebrating the Europe Day.


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