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What is JEF Finland?

JEF Finland (Eurooppanuoret in Finnish) is a national youth organization founded in 1997. Our activities are open to all young people aged 15-28 who are interested in European and international issues. The organization aims to operate as a non-religious and pro-European force without political party affiliation. We strive for a better and more united Europe.

Our goals include raising awareness about European integration and its impacts, serving as a platform for discussion, and acting as an advocacy channel for young people interested in European affairs. We initiate new discussions in the public sphere, organize campaigns and events, and engage in publishing activities. Our active regional sections form the backbone of our nationwide operations throughout Finland.

We operate as part of the Finnish European movement, alongside our national umbrella organization, European Movement Finland (Eurooppalainen Suomi ry), and as a part of the European network alongside our umbrella organization, the Young European Federalists (JEF).

National activities of JEF Finland

Our national activities consist of the work of committees and the national board. The committees are open to everyone as voluntary activities, and new members are recruited annually. The national board of JEF Finland is elected in our general assembly (liittokokous). Anyone can apply to join the national board, and instructions for the application process are distributed in the fall before the general assembly.

Members of JEF Finland are also members of our national umbrella organization European Movement Finland. Together we operate as part of the national European movement.

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JEF Finland's local activities

Local activities are managed by our regional sections, which are present almost everywhere in Finland. When you join JEF Finland, you are encouraged to enroll as a member of your local regional branch. There is plenty to do for an enthusiastic and an active individual, regardless of where you live in Finland. If you're unsure about your local section, you can contact the secretary-general of JEF Finland for guidance.

International activities by JEF Europe

The members of JEF Finland are also members of our international umbrella organization Young European Federalists (JEF Europe). JEF Europe operates across numerous European countries. As a member of JEF Finland, you may participate in international events and training all over Europe.

A representative of the JEF Finland board participates yearly in the Federal Commitee meetings. JEF Finland has a vote in JEF's congress which is the highest deciding power in the organization. Additionally, our members are part of JEF's other decision-making bodies like the Federal Committee.

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    Amanda Alvesalo

    Amanda Alvesalo


    JEF Finland's office is located in a shared space with European Movement Finland in Eteläranta of Helsinki. At our office, our secretary general is responsible for coordinating the organization's activities and daily administration. The president represents the organization and is responsible for the general development and visibility of the organization's activities.

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